Practice the art of essay writing for the PMS exam

Aims: Enabling the aspirant to write down a clear, precise, relevant, and effective essay in PMS exams.

You can join this session online or come to our campus.

You can join this session anytime because every aspirant is addressed individually.


  • You will be given assignments 5 days a week (Monday through Friday)
  • You will return the solution in PDF format.
  • The feedback will be in the form of text or voice (or at times, a call).


Step 1: Paragraphing and phrasing of outline

Step 2: Writing down the blocks of essays

Step 3: Writing down a complete essay

Step 4: Practice precis and comprehension writing


Fee: Rs 12,000 a month 


Duration depends upon your performance.


To join this session, call or WhatsApp: 0312-786-2515

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