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Frequently Asked Questions

For CSS, PMS, PCS & One Paper (English Section) English Basic to Pro Video Course.

Basic to Pro video course includes:

1. Basic & Advanced Grammar - Sufficient for MPT, one paper exam (English Section), any other screening tests.

2. The Art of Essay Writing - A complete and Comprehensive Guide to Essay and Precis Writing

The course enables you for:
1. Correct grammar, Correct Sentence Structure & Punctuation
2. MPT, other Screening Tests, & One Paper (English Section)
3. Formal Outline Writing (with exercises)
4. Formal Paragraph Writing
5. Formal Essay & Precis Writing for CE (with examples)

You will have access to the course for 1 year.

You can get all this only for Rs 4500 instead of Rs 7500 - LIMITED TIME OFFER

How to order a course at Aliz English Club

Register yourself on the website (see registration method in "How to register section"). Complete BUY NOW process (see buying process in "How to order a course" section). Send your fee and inform us (see the details in "How to send your fee" section). And then the course will be activated for you within 12 hours.
Click the "Register" button that is on the top of the page of the website. A popup will appear. Enter a username for yourself. Next, enter your valid email ID. In the next row, enter a password for this website. In the last row, enter your password again. Check the box "I accept the terms of services" Click "Register" and your account will be created with us.
Click the menu, then click the "Courses", and then click "Essay and Composition for Competitive Exams - Basic to Pro". The page of that course will open up. On this page, click the "BUY NOW" button, another page will open up. On this page, click "Place Order". Well done! Your order will be received by us. Now, pay your fee (see the method of sending your fee in the "How to pay the fee" section). When you have paid your fee, we will activate the course for you (see the details of the activation process in the "How do I get my course activated?" section.

How to pay the fee and get the course activated

Pay your fee through EasyPaisa or JazzCash: Account # 0312-786-2515 (Title: Syed Muhammad Hasnain). WhatsApp its screenshot or the message you have received from EasyPaisa or JazzCash to us at 0312-786-2515. We will activate the course for you within 12 hours. Save this number to your WhatsApp so that you may receive updates from Aliz English Club.
Bank: UBL. Account # 1569 250 274 798. Or IBAN: PK 57UNIL0109000250274798. Title: Syed Muhammad Hasnain. Having sent your fee, WhatsApp (at 0312-786-2515) its screenshot or the image of the message you have received. We will activate your account within 12 hours. Save this WhatsApp number to your WhatsApp so that you may receive updates from Aliz English Club.
For Demo Lectures and complete details of the course, click the following link:
Basic to Pro – Video Course on English for Competitive Exams
For Basic Grammar and Advanced Grammar, watch a video and solve related topics from Wren and Martin, and tally your answers with those in its key. When you have learnt tenses, solve Urdu to English translation exercises from "To the Point" by Prof. Aftab; and tally your answers with those in its key.

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